Online lectures «Models of inclusive education in foreign countries»
20 - 25 November (GMT+3) / ZOOM
SKLAD invites you and the entire staff of your educational institution to take part in the international online seminar "Models of inclusive education". The purpose of the international seminar is a comparative analysis of models and practices of inclusive education in foreign countries and the search for methods of their adaptation to preschool and school educational institutions.

During the workshop, we will discuss the following issues:

- Creation of a favorable legal framework, development of plans and strategies for educational institutions that contribute to the realization of the right to access to inclusive quality education

- Models of inclusive education in Finland, Sweden, Israel and Russia
- Provide quality teacher training, ready to teach in inclusive environments, with ongoing support, mentoring and monitoring
- Availability of curricula, materials, teaching methods and assessment of children in inclusive education
- Creation of an adaptive educational environment.
22 November
15.00 (GMT+3)
Online lecture "Inclusive education model in Israel"
23 November 15.00 (GMT +3)
Online lecture "Inclusive education model in Finland"
24 November 15.00 (GMT +3)
Online lecture "Practical implementation of the model of inclusive education on the example of a Finnish school"
25 November 15.00 (GMT +3)
Online lecture "Inclusive education model in Sweden"
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