«Digital technologies in vocational education. Foreign practices»
Date: 8 - 18 of December
The purpose of the webinars is to get acquainted with international trends in digitalization of vocational education and the practices of their implementation in foreign countries.

We will learn about trends and innovations in vocational education in the digital era such as college digitalization strategy, online learning, artificial intelligence, VR technologies, etc.

Particular attention will be paid to blended learning:participants will get acquainted with the experience of the Tartu Vocational Center, which implements blended learning within the Blend4VET project. Participants will also have the opportunity to take virtual tours to colleges, during which they will get acquainted with the experience of switching to distance and online learning, using digital tools, virtual reality and modern simulation practices in leading educational institutions in Denmark and Germany.
December, 8 at 11.00 CET

«Innovations in VET in the digital era»

December 9 at 1 PM CET

«Digital technologies at BBS Soltau» (Germany)
December, 15 at 1 PM CET
On the way to Service 4.0
December, 16 at 1PM CET

Blended learning at Tartu Vocational Education Center (Estonia)
December, 18 at 1 PM CET

«Digitalization and VR technologies at Roskilde Technical VET College» (Denmark)
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