International Swedish preschool creating future global citizens
Adriana Marx Norén

May, 17 / Sunday / ZOOM /
13:00 – CET
About the webinar
During the webinar we will learn about a unique model of a modern kindergarten and Swedish experience in kids' development. How to create a future global citizen? How to build a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum with specific learning objectives for each subject, for the international mind and for personal learning? How to stimulate learning in the areas of social competence, language, mathematics, motor skills, art and natural sciences and make ICT a part of a daily program? Adriana will try to answer these questions. This webinar is about empowering kids with knowledge and fostering their interest in learning. She will explain why the school space is divided into educational zones and tell about the main goal of the school – to make kids feel happy
Adriana Marx Norén
Position: Principal at Futuraskolan International Pre-School Näsby Park, Futuraskolan International Skarpäng and Futuraskolan International Danderyd

Adriana has been living in Sweden since 1994 (26 years)

Education: Bachelor degree as Pre-school teacher and Teacher for junior school (6-10yrs) at University of Notre Dame – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Graduated in the Principal´s program at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Besides teaching, Adriana has worked with leadership and management for Scandinavian Airlines in charge of all irregularities in all airports in Sweden as an Expert in Problem Solving. LEAN Expert (Creating efficiency and effectiveness)

Speaks fluent English, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish and a little bit of Italian and she can communicate very well in Norwegian and Danish.

Greatest passion and reward: To give all children the best in Learning.

Sunday, May, 17
13.00 – 13.30
Introduction into the Futuraskolan International Pre-School concept
- the idea and the stages of creating a future global citizen from the establishment of the school until nowadays. The philosophy of the preschool.
- the way of mixing The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) with the Swedish one and how it stimulates learning languages, mathematics and natural sciences
- Learning environment at the school: the educational zones, the ways to work in open space
- The system of inside regulation and intercommunication between teachers and parents on a daily basis

13.30 – 14.10
Unique techniques of managing educational process
- Leaning English and speaking English in the kindergarten. The ways of developing foreign language skills at early age.
- Parents&Teachers association, ways of interaction and collaboration between teachers and parents.
- Work with Jolly Phonics - Phonetics program that introduces the written language for the children.
- Work with the Montessori method in order to introduce math for the children.
- Digital skills teaching. The digital tools teachers use in their daily routine to manage educational process. Ways of teaching kids IT skills
- Global citizen project
- Multiculturalism idea in the food and in different holidays
14.10 – 14.40
Daily life at Futuraskolan International Pre-School
A video with Adriana's comments and explanations that shows different parts of a day in a kindergarten, the places kids study, eat, play, sleep, videos of a real class or some activities of holidays celebrations

14.40 – 15.00
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