The influence of the educational environment on learning process on the example of Fuji Kindergarten (Tokyo, Japan)
Meeting with the director and architect of the kindergarten Fuji Kindergarten (Japan), recognized as the best educational institution by OECD and UNESCO.

JUNE 13 / ZOOM / 12:00 – CET
About the webinar
The innovative kindergarten in Tokyo is considered a unique achievement both in terms of pedagogy and architecture.

In 2007 Japanese architects Yui and Takaharu Tezuka realised the project of Fuji Kindergarten in western Tokyo. Later, the project was supplemented by another building called "the ring around a tree". The architects took into account the presence of a large spreading tree on the territory and decided to preserve it by building a space around with an oval roof for classes and games. The training is conducted according to the Montessori methodology, so the environment plays a key role: the kindergarten is built from environmentally friendly materials, and the space itself is not loaded with unnecessary objects and organized according to the principle of "freedom of movement as a method of education."

At the request of the director of the Fuji kindergarten, Mr. Sekiichi Kato, there are no tables or chairs in the room, learning in an absolutely empty space for preschool children is considered to be most effective.

On June 13th we will have a great opportunity to talk with the director and architect of Fuji Kindergarten and ask all the exciting questions about the education of preschoolers in Japan
Takaharu Tezuka
In 1994, together with his wife Yui Tezuka, Takaharu Tezuka founded the Tokyo company Tezuka Architects ( Recent awards include the Japan Institute of Architects Award (2009), the Association for the Design of Children's Environment (2011) award, and the 4th OECD / CELE collection of exemplary educational services (2011). TED Talk made by Takaharu took 7th place in the world in terms of views in 2015. Although the main activities are based on architectural design, Mr. Takaharu Tezuka conducts lectures around the world, receiving offers from the OECD (America, Japan, Germany, etc.). Their theory of children's environment is published as the Yellow Book of Harvard University.
Sekiichi Kato
Principal of Fuji Kindergarten

1957 Born in Tachikawa, Tokyo

1980 Graduates Hosei University, Department of Sociology

1991 Changes from General Corporate work to Company Management

2000 Assumes Position of Principal of Fuji Kindergarten

2011 Assumes Position of President of Certified Children's Garden, Fuji Children's Garden, School Corporation Minna no Hiroba

Managing Certified Children's Garden, Fuji Children's Garden, School Corporation Minna no Hiroba, Fuji Kindergarten/Tokyo Certified Nursery "Smile Eggs"/ Childcare "Smile Kids".

Tokyo Private Kindergarten Federation Reconstruction Committee Vice-Chairman, Private Kindergarten Management Meetings (Keidanren Affiliation) Affairs Chairman, Tachikawa Private Kindergarten Association Vice-Chairman, Tachikawa Child and Parenting Conference (Dream building・Tachikawa 21 Plan) member, NPO National Happy Town Planning Organization Director

Many appearances on media (TV, Radio…), many publications in magazines and books, and many interactions, plans and research with companies/university/local government.

Lectured at LDP Food Education Group, Appeared on Satellite Studio Broadcasting, CNN. Published on Singapore Today and others…

Awards, exhibitions,

  • The Best of All, OECD/CELE 4th Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities (2011, Fuji Kindergarten)
  • Prize of Architectural Institute of Japan for Design (2008, Fuji Kindergarten)
  • Japan Institute of Architects Award (2008, Fuji Kindergarten) (2015, Sora no Mori Clinic)
  • AR Award 2004, the Architectural Review (Echigo-matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science)
  • Good Design Gold Prize (1997,Soejima Hospital) (2013, Asahi Kindergarten)
  • Global Award for Sustainable Architecture2017, UNESCO
  • Moriyama RAIC International Prize 2017 (Fuji Kindergarten), Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC)
  • BCS Prize (2018, Sora no Mori Clinic), Japan Federation of Construction Contractors
  • World Architecture Festival 2018, School Completed Buildings Winner (Muku Nursery School)


  • 2004 Venice Biennale of Architecture
  • 2013 Carnegie International
  • 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture "Freespace"


Takaharu + YuiTezuka Architecture Catalogue 1-3. TOTO Publishing
Tezuka Architects: The Yellow Book, Edited by Thomas Sherman & Greg Logan, Jovis, 2016
Questions of the meeting
  • Presentation of Fuji Kindergarten

  • Influence of educational environment on learning process

  • Q&A Session

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