Professional education in Finland.
A unique model of individual learning paths
Speaker — Lotta Sjöblom

May, 14 / ZOOM / 13:00 – CET
About the webinar
We will start with the Finish educational system and how the professional education comes in. Then continue a bit with the structure of the professional education, the professional education reform from 2018 and what that means in practice including personal plans and paths, on the job learning and skills demonstration and evaluation. We will try to keep the student view during the presentation as that's the key to the new system and use examples from Prakticum to demonstrate one way of how it can be done

Lotta Sjöblom
My name is Lotta Sjöblom and I'm working as the Service Director at Prakticum in Helsinki, Finland. I have worked with adult education, health promotion, project management and educational management for the past twenty years. I have a special interest in non-formative learning, teaching through facilitation, identification and validation of previous knowledge and intercultural learning.

Prakticum is a Swedish speaking multidisciplinary vocational education institute in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We have around 1200 students on three different campuses.
Thursday, 14 мая
13.00 – 14.30
1. System of professional education in Finland
2. Finnish educational reform in Professional education – its overview, main peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages. A whole year round admission process
3. The process of changing the system of professional education – main challenges on the way
4. The principle of individual learning paths
5. Theoretical and practice-based learning – what part of the learning process is carried out at the college and at the place of internship
6. Evaluation process
7. Life-long learning: new opportunities to gain a new profession.
14.30 – 15.00

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