Phenomenon-based learning as a new answer to the classroom-lesson system. Why is everyone talking about the Finnish school?
Dmitry Naumenko
Ronny Holmqvist
Mrs. Maria Välimäki

June, 18th в 11:00 - 13:00 CET / Zoom
About the webinar
The Finnish school model has long been of great interest in the educational community: focus on self-development, lack of homework, game learning, error tolerance, lack of separation into primary and secondary subjects and respect for the student and his free choice. How can Finnish schoolchildren regularly occupy the highest places in international ratings with such a radically different approach from an "academically successful" one? Let's talk about how the Finns managed to build an interconnected education system starting from kindergarten, what is the entry point to the Finnish school model and much more
Dmitry Naumenko
COO of LUMO Education. Specialist in strategic marketing and business development with extensive experience advising Finnish companies in the CIS countries, Lumo Education

Dmitry Naumenko is the operational director of LUMO Education in the CIS countries, which is developing an educational concept using the Finnish teaching methodology and adapting it for kindergartens and schools in various countries.
Ronny Holmqvist
Director of Swedish Coeducational School of Tampere

Ronny Holmqvist has been leading the school for 14 years. Svenska samskolan i Tammerfors - one of the oldest schools in Tampere, was founded in 1895. Teaching languages - Swedish, Finnish

Mrs. Maria Välimäki
Principal of the pre-school Svenska Barndaghemmet
June, 18
  • Key features of the Finnish education system

  • Work with strong and weak students

  • The practice of phenomenon-oriented education

  • Coffee-break

  • Presentation of the school, pre-school

  • Why is Finland a bilingual country?

  • The teaching in pre-school, primary and upper secondary school

  • Short presentation of use of digital tools during the time of distance teaching

  • Short presentation of the Matriculation Examination

  • Future reforms and legislation

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