New Space for students: We are going
to the Moon

Lunar Zebro
April 29 / ZOOM / 15:00 – CET

Last October we had a chance to meet Lunar Zebro team that works on the smallest moon rover in the world in one of the best technical universities - Delft Technical University.

Technology miniaturization is one of the mission's main goals."In space mass plays a key role in everything: from costs to assembly as well as research and, what is more important, demonstrating such technologies is a vital step, and that's exactly what Lunar Zebro does," says Team Leader and Head of Operations Team Maneesh Kumar Verma.

Another important goal of the future mission is practical experience.

University is at the core of life and work of Lunar Zebro. "Due to this technology being absolutely new in the space world, we rely on the trust and support of the University to acquire external recognition and partners, - explains Maneesh Kumar Verma. - But for that, we received 90% of the working force and necessary office supplies such as computers, office spaces, access to cluster computing and software which wouldn't be possible to obtain alone in a two-year period. University provides as well with the perfect vision and road map for Lunar Zebro to be integrated which helps to attract professors and experts to participate in the project. We all have something to learn from each other.

Lunar Zebro
This little guy will be going to the moon in 2022
During the webinar you will meet the students participating in the new space race who will share on how they organise their work in the conditions of self-isolation. You will learn about such parts of their work as Structures, Electronics, Software, Operations and PR and will have a chance to discuss mutual projects during Q&A session
Maneesh Kumar Verma — Team Leader
& Head of Operations
Claudia Sweerts — CAD Engineer
Ufuktan Kilinc — Lead Structures
Nicolas Kalis — Test Engineer
Stijn Rovers — Navigational Control
April 29th
Lunar Zebro Introduction and History
Applications of Lunar Zebro in Space
How we are doing things
Preparing for test missions
Q&A Sessions
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